YouTube Self Promotion

There is no worse feeling than when you know that you are not doing the right things on YouTube. You will feel as though you are making a lot of effort, but it is not getting you anywhere. You are spending even longer on your videos, and you are doing what you can to create some very good content. But it is just not working out for you in the way that you want. And we can understand if you are ready to throw in the towel. But what we want you to do is give it one last try in a bit of a different way.

What we want you to do is buy YouTube views. Now you may be thinking that we are telling you to do this all the time. But that is not how it is going to work. What you are going to do is just do this for your first few videos. So the next three or four videos that you put out, make sure that you buy YouTube views for them. You can do anything from 10,000 to 30,000 views. Maybe start at 5,000 for the first, 8,000 for the second and close to 15,000 for the third. This will seem like a solid progression and it will help get your channel to a higher level.

buy YouTube views

Will this help you? That is the question we are asked all the time. And we believe that it 100 percent is going to help you – and it will help you in a huge way. If you are wondering how it works, let us show you. What happens when you are putting out a video is that people usually find it based on whether they are subscribed to you. If you have no subscribers, then you are either going to get seen on social media or through search results on YouTube.

If you do not have much of a social media game, then you need to work on that. But a quicker way to get results is to get higher up on the results pages on YouTube. And you can do this easily if you are just getting a higher viewer count. That will ensure that you are one of the top results for a topic. Say you make a video about something in the news, or a recent entertainment story. If you are among those who have the most viewers for the past 12 hours, you will probably have your video high up when people search for those keywords.

And that is what we want. We want people to see your content. We want them to get a chance to see whether you are making good stuff – or if your content is just not good enough. Now we are not guaranteeing you success. If your content is not up to scratch, then you may still not succeed. But if you do believe that you have some very good content, then we are here to tell you that we can help you with this method!